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Our guild maintains an extensive library which includes a variety of different quilting techniques. We have traditional books about hand quilting and hand piecing, applique, work with templates, scrap quilting; we stock books for beginner, advanced quilter and the expert: books about art quilts, wearables, specific techniques, and books with special rulers. Our librarian updates the available books to include new publications and favorite "old-timers" likewise. Occasionally she presents a "Librarian's Choice" or a book report session to spark new interest or point members to a specific topic.

Members may check books out for free for a reasonable time.

Floyd Quilt Guild library listing

Floyd_Guild_Library_Listing 04-2017.doc These books are available in our library. Please follow the check-out rules when borrowing a book.

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Challenge 2017 / 2018:

"Quilters Menu Challenge".  Each participant draws from six "courses for their special Menu": a color, technique, block design, finishing technique, fabric type, and surprise requirement: for example: “teal / free-form cutting / flying geese / tying / leaf fabric / add 3 buttons". Each of the menu items needs to be included, but the quilt can contain additional colors, techniques, finishing techniques, etc. YOUR menu needs to be listed when the quilt is entered.

All entries will be displayed during the 2018 Floyd quilt show.

Each entry has the following size recommendation: between  20" minimum to 42" maximum length on any side.

Deadline is the drop off date for the Floyd Quilt Guild quilt show, May TBA, 2018

(note, quilt/s needs to be registered for show).

Love Quilts 2015

Love Quilts 2014

Gwen Ge. announces we have 18 adult quilts and 14 children quilts on hand in November 2014.  Several members are finishing their quilts to give to her by December.

Smaller Charity Quilts go to "The Christmas for Children" in Floyd and Pauline H. reports they equally distribute these quilts from year to year.  Other quilts are given to Skyline Manor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center.

Love Quilts are collected and distributed in December

Quilt for NRV Cares

NRV CARES is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse and strengthening families through education,They assists families in need of parenting and child care skills, children"s support network for court cases, and other programs designed to help needy families in the NRV. 

Every year we donate one of our best quilts for their fundraising event in the spring.

Mona happily accepts a quilt for the NRV Care Silent Auction

Raffle Quilt

Every other year the guild creates a quilt to be raffled off by the Jacksonville Center of the Arts. The next quilt is due December 2017.

Raffle quilt presented February 2016

Raffle Quilt 2014

Raffle Quilt 2012

No image from raffle quilt 2010...

Raffle Quilt 2008

Raffle Quilt 2006

L.O.V.E. - Virginia Tourism Quilt

is a special one time project the guild took on in 2014/2015. 

Sally McC. chaired this committee to coordinate the tourism quilt for The Jacksonville Center commemorating 20 years of operation June 2015. Four quilts will depict the letters L, O, V, E.

Each quilt will have a neutral background. Sallie has one a string pieced background. Gwen Go. pieced one with curved block technique. Bobbie T. created one with applique around the edge and the last background was made with kits given to members . Each quilt has a large crazy quilted letter in the the center in red.

The Quilts were quilted by Betty Ann Tyree from Roanoke.

The project was initiated by Jacksonville Center for the Arts. The LOVE Quilts will be displayed in the large community room and will also be printed, laminated and possibly displayed at the JAX roof.

The idea came from LOVEworks around Virginia

All four quilts are finished and presented to The JAX on September 21, 2015.

An article by Wanda Combs was published in The Floyd Press on September 24th, 2015:

Jessie Peterman Memorial Library Quilts

The library quilt was a project in 2009 lead by Judy A. with help from Susan B.

We made three community quilts who now hang side by side in the Jessie Peterman Library of Floyd.

Many quilt guild members have contributed blocks for inclusion in the quilts as have community members. People who have fond memories of Floyd but live as far away as Alabama, also sent blocks. Judy and Susan arranged the blocks, added sashing and finished the top.

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